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Encouraging individuals to embark on the journey of healing their relationship with food and body.

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Are you running into roadblocks, struggling with accountability, or needing additional support? Individual Coaching is a great way to help you navigate through the challenges through compassionate support from our team! 

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Educating and equipping professionals to care for clients in a manner that honors their individual food and body journey.


My body has changed and it’s shifting and it’s growing and it’s settling and it just is. That old voice comes back - what do I weigh? Because surely that number on the scale will give explanation to the change... right? No. Because what that number knows is simply gravitational pull. So I ask myself again... what do I weigh?

Dear soul, you weigh the memories that connect you to the past. You weigh the heartache and heartbeats you’ve experienced. You weigh the expanse of the universe as you seek to take it all in. You weigh the fears that make your body tense and hold the tears back. You weigh the emotion you carry that connects to the humanity around you. You weigh the beauty you display. You weigh your hopes and dreams and ambitions and challenges and accomplishments. You weigh the failures that have forced you to rise again. You weigh the brokenness and emptiness and abandonment you’ve endured. You weigh the relationships you had, those you have, and still those you will have. You weigh the shortcomings and faults and despair that influence you. You weigh the courage and compassion and empathy that exists in the core of who you are. You weigh the joy and satisfaction you’ve found in life. You weigh the little girl inside you with a story to tell, the person you are today living out your story, and the person you will be tomorrow as you continue to tell your story. You weigh the reactions and responses you have to your surroundings, people, experiences. You weigh all this and more, you see? More than a number. More than a body size. Your body is changing, yes. To carry you and shape you and challenge you and mend you and grieve with you - but mostly, what you need to know is that you weigh your story. An ever-evolving story that can’t be summed up in a number. You, friend, are so much more. 

-Emily Estes

Meet the Founder: Emily Estes

Hello, I’m so glad you’re here!

Whether you are an individual seeking to heal your relationship with food and body or a professional walking alongside individuals navigating this journey – I invite you into this space.

My career has found me serving my local community in Lincoln, NE as a Registered Dietitian in my private practice, Sage Nutrition. This has been a pursuit of passion in helping individuals who have desired to understand the roots of their relationship with food and body. Throughout my experience of working with individuals, all of whom have come from a wide range of backgrounds, I have developed a proven guide to help individuals heal their relationship with food and body through the creation of The Cultivated Self program. This program has been the catalyst to the development of the Sage Academy where I invite everyone to find freedom from the scale, freedom from the anxiety they hold around food, and freedom from the shame consuming their body.

There’s a distinct moment in my life journey that I recall noticing my body and becoming aware it was different than the bodies of the people around me. When was the moment you noticed your body and its differences? That moment can change the trajectory of our stories and the relationship we have to food and body. It’s at that moment we leave behind the intuitive nature we were born with and become immersed in the diet culture that surrounds us.

Coming back to that moment where we recognized our body and all the differences we held is pivotal in healing the relationship with food and body. Whether you are an individual seeking resources to help in your journey or a professional seeking to grow in your understanding of anti-diet, weight-inclusive care – you have come to the right place.