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Nutrition & Lifestyle: General Factors that May Influence Inflammation 

The course guides you in learning about nutrition AND lifestyle choices that you can start doing to help with and reduce risk of inflammation. Instead of focusing solely on food choices, you'll be able to explore a wholistic view of health in developing a lifestyle that aims at health-promotion and meeting your needs without following a restrictive diet plan. 

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The Cultivated Self

The Cultivated Self is a program designed to guide you in cultivating a positive relationship with food and your body by seeking to find freedom from obsessive or negative thoughts so you can live a joy-filled, meaningful life that aligns with the values you hold. 

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Out is Through: A Workbook of Acceptance and Dealing with Feels

Give yourself the gift of gently accepting the thing that’s really hard…and how to handle all the big feels that can come from radically accepting reality. Whether it’s a career change, end of a relationship, an empty nest, or an event you simply can’t let go of, this workbook with guide you through the process, all on your own time, at your own pace.

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Building a Support System

This course lays out the importance of implementing a strong support system during the journey of recovery from an eating disorder. You will learn about the importance of authentic connection, how to identify supportive people in your life, and how to effectively ask for what you need and accept help being offered.

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Diet Culture's Disguise

A FREE course that helps to identify harmful messages of diet culture and offers an alternative strategy to challenge the diet mentality.

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Like, Share, Subscribe?

This FREE course will help explore the impact of social media on body image, examine the relationship that exists between social media and health, and observe connections between social media and food in our society.

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