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General Factors that May Influence Inflammation 

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The course Nutrition & Lifestyle: General Factors that May Influence Inflammation guides you in learning about nutrition AND lifestyle choices that you can start doing to help with and reduce risk of inflammation. Instead of focusing solely on food choices, you'll be able to explore a wholistic view of health in developing a lifestyle that aims at health-promotion and meeting your needs without following a restrictive diet plan. 

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This course has 5 lessons that help you consider any of your current lifestyle areas to fine tune to help you feel less restricted from food, increase energy levels, and build sustainable habits. 

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Meet the Creator

Andrea Laughlin MS RD LMNT

Andrea received her Masters Degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences with a minor in Educational Psychology from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where she also completed her dietetic internship. Andrea has been a registered dietitian since 2017 and is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Prior to joining the team at Sage Nutrition, Andrea worked as a clinical dietitian where she gained valuable experience providing individualized nutrition care to patients with a wide variety of medical needs. She has always been passionate about providing nutrition education in a way that promotes positive, sustainable habits that optimize quality of life. Her approach with nutrition encourages mindful and intuitive eating to promote a positive relationship with food without restrictive thoughts. Andrea has always had a passion for providing one-on-one nutrition counseling which also pairs with her interest in working with disordered eating with a Health at Every Size philosophy. 

Look Beyond the Food

Understand and explore the connection between nutrition, exercise/movement, stress, and sleep and how they can impact inflammation. 

Get Curious About Food

Consider specific foods that can be helpful additions to not only increase nutrient intake but may also manage inflammation. 

Meet Your Needs

Not only with energy and nutrients from food, but find out what your body and mind might be not be getting enough of to feel cared for. 

Avoid Restricting Yourself

Instead of taking away, identify which items or ideas you can consider starting to do or adding into your lifestyle. 

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Know that this is YOUR lifestyle and what “works” for one person in improving inflammation might not be most optimal for you. 

Are You Ready?

This course provides you with a wholistic view of health-promoting behavior suggestions to help get you started on a sustainable lifestyle. 

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Nutrition & Lifestyle: General Factors that may Influence Inflammation

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