Emily's Story

I grew up in a family that gathered around food. My Grandmother was a caterer and I often helped with tasks in her catering kitchen. I loved food. I loved the experience we created around food. I developed an appreciation for where our food came from as I grew up on a dairy farm where we also had other livestock, chickens, and crops. 

Food was a source of connection and joy.

My body allowed me to do many things. I was always an active child on the farm and especially enjoyed athletics. In the midst of so much goodness, there was also an awareness I came to know about the ways in which my body was different and that didn’t seem okay.

My struggle with anxiety and depression began in junior high and I eventually learned how to pursue control through my development of an eating disorder. For years I battled the negative self-worth that overwhelmed me. Many life circumstances and experiences contributed to how I felt and I didn’t have the tools or resources I needed to begin my healing journey.

When I got to college, a series of events led me to the help I had so desperately longed for. Access to appropriate care was the missing link in my journey and I was fortunate enough to pursue recovery by gaining access to professionals well-versed in eating disorders and trauma.

My Mission

My story became my mission: to engage in the prevention, education, and treatment of disordered eating and eating disorders. I have had the privilege to walk alongside hundreds of individuals in their journey to heal their relationships to food and body. It is my desire to use my personal and professional journey to educate and empower other individuals and professionals in the field. Together, we have the opportunity to take power away from the multi-billion dollar diet industry and give it back to the individuals seeking to live in the intuitive manner they were designed to experience.